Standpipe Operations

In this class firefighters will learn how to stretch effectively in buildings that have standpipes. We will go over when stretching off engine may be more effective. We will review where to get off elevator and when to take the stairs. Also we will review buildings built prior to 1993 (65psi at upper most outlet). We will discuss buildings built after 1993 (100 psi at upper most outlet).

  1. Stretching off engine.  Sometimes stretching off engine is the easiest option. Fires that are in basement or on first floor this option should be an option.
  2. Using the standpipe.   In this evolution we will use the standpipe bag and show you how to set up line prior to entry. We will discuss protected and unprotected stairwells. Also flow pressure gauges will be used to make sure standpipe is getting proper flow.
  3. Standpipe connection failure on exterior of building. In this operation we will show firefighters how to correct this quickly and effectively.
  4. Laying in to fire building from hydrant. In departments that use large diameter hose sometimes it is easier to perform this option. We will explain pro’s and con’s.
  5. Reversing out from standpipe siamese on the building. Departments running 3 inch line this is an option. We will go over pro’s and con’s and show you ways to make sure you have enough water.

In every evolution we will use flow meters and pressure gauges to show GPM’s flowing and pressure loss in lines. We will also video all sessions for review.