RIT Before the MAYDAY

This course will focus on all the often overlooked jobs of the RIT team.

There is more to RIT than grabbing some tools and waiting by the front door for something bad to happen. People are often under the misconception that being assigned RIT means you are taken out of the action, and “don’t get to do any of the good stuff.” When properly executed, the RIT team is the busiest company on the fireground. This course will teach you why. Performing the correct actions before there is a problem could mean the difference between life and death for one of your brother firefighters.

Full day class starting with a classroom segment in the morning where we will go over common misconceptions about RIT. The roll of the RIT team, and what preemptive measures they should take to protect operating crews in the event of an emergency. We will discuss the important elements of a 360 as a RIT member.

The afternoon will be a practical scenario where students can take the roll of a RIT team leader and direct actions based on the skills learned in the morning. We will also demonstrate some custom tools and devices that any and every department should use when establishing RIT.

FD promotion prep promotes jump-seat RIT. Using what you have in the jump-seat.