Fireground Officer Development

Full day class that includes fire behavior, building construction, fire attack and situational awareness. Pictures and videos will be used for students to practice size up and choosing correct operational strategies. (All  individual practical sessions will be video taped and review with student to help reinforce skills learned).

  1. Fire behavior. Will include reading smoke, survivability of occupants in buildings and how to read flow paths on scene.
  2. Building construction. Will include reviewing all 5 types of Buildings. Concentrating on reading were fire is and how it will attack the structure. Fire attack will be reviewed along with choosing correct operational strategy.
  3. Fire Attack. Different operational strategies will be shown offensive, transitional and defensive. stretching correct lines for different occupancies. Blitz attack option will be discussed
  4. Situational awareness. Includes reading building to identify were fire is located and how to determine by construction were exits are and best location into fire area. Also reviewing importance of doing 360 survey and being aware of the 7 sides involved within building.

All subjects will include being first due officer on arrival. Also RIT will be covered and how to be aware of problems that could occur.

Setting up initial ICS system will be reviewed.

All firefighters will be taught to paint a great picture to all arriving units to make smooth fire ground attack.

It is encouraged for firefighters to bring flash drive to download their own practice sessions.