Advanced Pump Operations

This class deals with problems that can occur on the fire ground. The class is designed to help the pump operator over come problems with great ease and little disruption to fire attack operations.

Hooking up to charged hydrant.   At some fires we start small. All of a sudden a big water supply is needed. In this operation every firefighter should be able to make this connection without losing water and hooking up large to hydrant to obtain maximum flow.

Standpipe connection corrections.   In standpipe operations there are times the outside connection may be damaged or just filled up with debris. This operation teaches firefighters how to get maximum flow to the standpipe in a timely fashion.

Over coming long lays. in this operation we will simulate pumping on scene with a forward lay over 1000ft. demonstrated flows that can be achieved and how to increase those flows.

Alley stretches and maintaining proper flow. In this operation we simulate long lays into areas were apparatus is not accessible. Also discussed will be working beyond the pre-connected line.

How to get more on compound gauge.  At some fires the pump operator is always asked to charge one more line. The discharge is sometimes not available so you think! other times there is nothing left to give. We will show ways to help charge that line. By reducing tip sizes or choking down on other discharges. Remember big fires big water.

During each class we will video tape operations so it can be reviewed in the future. Also when a pump operator can perform these operations they have more confidence to fix minor problems that arise on the fire ground.