LT. candidate !!!!!

To the Officers of FD Promotion Prep LLC.,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in preparing for the promotional assessment center exam I was involved in. Prior to meeting with Captain Stacey, Lieutenant Pisani, and Lieutenant Johnson I felt that I was adequately prepared for the likely scenarios that I would be evaluated on. I was very much mistaken. The amount of time and effort that your company invested into the counseling session was much more than I expected. The entire assessment center was set up and recorded in a mock setting to assist in mental preparation for test day. During my coaching session I was given multiple tactical incidents that were specific and relevant to my response district, and given lines of questioning that were thorough, well planned, and challenging. After completing the entire mock assessment the staff of FD Promotion Prep LLC. reviewed my recorded responses with me to each question and scenario in which I was placed. They spent the time to explain the evaluation scoring structure and why my responses were correct or how they could be improved on test day. I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the amount of effort these individuals placed into the coaching session prior to, during, and post meeting. The follow up and continuous counseling has been beyond satisfactory and exceeded any expectations I had. The value of the services that are offered are beyond monetary value if you wish to advance or initiate a fire service career. If I had not invested in preparation with FD Promotion Prep LLC., I have no doubt that I would not have successfully completed the assessment center process, and be in a position to advance my career in the foreseeable future.
I would highly recommend these individuals for any preparatory coaching to those who wish to invest in their own future. I would be happy to speak with any potential clients who have further questions on your behalf.
Thank you again.
Jason Bocchetta