Joe from Meriden

This was my first time taking a promotional exam. I wanted to make sure I was able to compete and put myself in a position to be promoted. Not knowing what to expect and not knowing how to prepare was a big problem. Captain Bill Stacy of FD Promotion Prep was able to take me through a step-by-step preparation. The program started with the basics like preparing your study time, to your resume, to even your attire and overall demeanor. The oral preparation started with basic questions and answers and gradually as the exam date approached, progressed to all out mock oral exams in front of actual decision makers that sit on oral boards frequently. The combination of these oral boards along with video and audio taping was a tremendous help for me. Using the video and audio helped me to correct my speech and body language so that I portrayed my best effort. The weekly random email question that was sent out allowed me to formulate an answer that was reviewed by Captain Bill Stacy and his team at FPP and give honest constructive feedback so that I could hone my answer to the best one. I am glad to say that I finished #3 overall having the highest oral board exam score and losing position to seniority points. I will be promoted to Lieutenant in July and it would not have been possible without the help of Captain Stacy and his team at FDPP. Thanks a lot Capt.
Joseph D. Scaglione
City of Meriden, CT