Line Officer Promotional Prep

You’ve got the experience, you’ve done your time. You have seen good officers and bad ones. You’ve seen solid leadership, and poor. And you are ready to take a spot in the front seat. Don’t let the promotional process get in your way. Be more prepared than the next guy. The way the next 5, 10, 15 years of your career depend on this, don’t leave it to chance. Take charge and own it. Set up an appointment with us now.

Is this your first attempt at a promotion? Do you know what to expect? Let us guide you through the process. We’ll prepare you for the exams and the interviews.

Maybe you’ve tried before, and want to know where you came up short. We’ll sit down and review your prior experiences so you can build off them. Failure is the worlds best teacher, if you know how to learn. We’ll show you.

This is your career. Own it.

250 per session.

Sign up for two sessions and get 6 email questions with correspondence between all members.